“Economy Of The Photographic Field”. Roundtable Discussion, 15.10

Alexandra Soldatova. From the project

Alexandra Soldatova. From the project “Double Refraction”

The roundtable participants discuss the situation on the current market and the field of photography, namely its economy and photographers’ working conditions, referring to such aspects as cooperation with media, inclusion into the art market, creation and printing of photobooks and self-publishing, creation of photo collectives, as well as possibilities and limitations related with it.

Photographers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Ploand share their experience and views. Specific cultural and economic situations of these countries and different degrees of their involvement into the mechanisms of photo industry set the space for a fruitful and critical discussion and identify effective, specific and general directions in the work of photographers in the global market and in the field of art.

Participants: Arthur BondarRafal MilachJana RomanovaAlexandra SoldatovaOksana Yushko.
Moderator: Olga Shparaga.

The Palace of Arts, 19:00

3, Kozlova Street
Free entrance