Arthur Bondar. “Signatures of War”, 16.10 — 30.11

Bondar Polina Kondratjevna, was at the war in 1941–1945, a homefront worker. Arthur Bondar/VII Mentor Program

“Signatures of War” is a project about people and their destinies. The destinies that have been irreversibly changed by the Second World War. These people gave their best years to the war. They went through it, lost friends and relatives and returned back alive to their empty homes to start life anew. They deserve to be remembered – remembered as heroes.

These people will not last long, just like Polaroid photographs. We do not even have time to notice as their number decreases with every passing year. It was a great pleasure for me to see those flashing eyes with which they were looking closely at snapshots, their interest was genuine, children-like. And when they were signing them, they left their marks not only on photos but also in my mind and in my heart. Looking at these people I saw the same energetic young boys and girls who just started to live – because the soul has no age…

Arthur Bondar

16.10 — 30.11
Piatrus Broǔka Literary Museum

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Piatrus Broǔka Literary Museum, 20:00

Arthur Bondar’s tour around the exhibition “Signatures of War”
Piatrus Broǔka Literary Museum, 16:00
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Standard ticket price ― 15 000, students and school children ― 7 500