Pavel Ciškoǔski. “The End of Summer”, 07.10 — 07.11

Ice and the Sun

Pavel Ciškoǔski’s creativity suggests the intimacy of expression, a confidential lyrical and face to face dialogue with nature in search for that very ‘moment of truth’, which defines the line between the genuine and candy-box beauty and lets us recognize the artist’s works due to the style characteristic only to him.

Ciškoǔski used to say the following about the sacraments that make up his creative style:

“In choosing the motives for self-expression I try to be guided by two rules. Firstly, I do not think about what to shoot but how to shoot, by analogy with the theater, where there are no small parts, but there are merely small performers. Secondly, I do not think about how I do it, but what will become of it.

I do not claim to originality, to discoveries, although I do dream about them, I do only what I like, what I feel as close to myself: sunsets, river bends, tree curves, effects of the light and aerial perspectives. I want to show a sense of nostalgia for the destroyed nature. I am far from cruel fights and confrontations; my intention is to produce a soothing rather than an exciting effect with my works. I create my works following the principle of humanity – not to bring anything under control, not to abuse, not to usurp – and thus recently I have experienced a deep attraction to the so-called salon pictures. In my creative search I am attracted by intimacy and spiritual dialogue. I try to implement my ideas by means of technical methods and the exact composition with a minimum number of details, I give a great importance to the form, believing that even without any content the form already means a lot, whereas the integration of the form and the content is the high water-mark of art. I also treat the content without any form with respect.”

Ciškoǔski’s works have acquired a unique author’s personality. During the period from 1967 to 1987 he took part in more than 300 exhibitions and competitions, among them more than 200 were international, held in 38 countries. In 120 exhibitions and competitions he received awards of various degrees and types. In 1988 he was one of the first Belarusians to receive the honorary title of AFIAP – Artist of the International Federation of Art Photography (FIAP).

The name of Pavel A. Ciškoǔski (1929–1989) was included into the Encyclopedia of the Belarusian Literature and Arts.

07.10 — 07.11
“Knižnaja Shafa” Gallery
The exhibition curator: Vasil Citoǔ, EFIAP, Mahilioǔ

Dziaržynskaha Ave, 9
10:00 – 20:00 Monday – Friday
11:00 – 18:00 Saturday
Free entrance