“The World Around Us”, 12.10 — 10.11

Dyjana Maliaǔka

Dyjana Maliaǔka

“The World around Us” is the 1st National Photo Contest for Children and Adolescents, held by “Sviatlasila” photoclub (Pastavy). It was first held in 2013, and it keeps attracting new and regular participants.

Out of 170 young photographers 15 won prizes in the categories “The Beauty of the Native Land”, “Faces Around Us”, “My Town (Village)”, “Glamour Life”, “Creative Stuff” and “School Life”.

The contest organizers try to encourage young people to share their concerns and interests through photography. Thereby they trigger children’s and adolescents’ interest in photography as a means of expression, motivating them to get involved into regular creative work and contributing to the formation of the young photo community. It is important that the contest involves participants from all over the country, both from the capital and other towns and villages.

The contest was held with the support of the Belarusian Children’s Fund, the educational center “Institute of Photography and Visual Communication”, LTD “Mir Photo” and the main Belarusian online resource on photography “ZNYATA”.

The contest winners are:

In the nomination “The Beauty of the Native Land”:

Kaciaryna Pikta (Ščučyn) – 1st prize
Marharyta Jarockaja (Minsk) – 2nd prize
Artur Hielajeǔ (Minsk) – 3rd prize

In the nomination “My Town (Village)”:

Ihar Radyvil (Mozyr) – 1st prize
Kaciaryna Lysionak (Kamai, Pastavy district) – 2nd prize
Aliaksiej Mitunievič (Pastavy) – 3rd prize

In the nomination “Glamour Life”:

Julija Paciejun (Miadziel) – 1st prize
Dzianis Trusievič (Hrodna) – 2nd prize
Tacciana Kublickaja (Mikalajeva, Mijory district) – 3rd prize

In the nomination “Creative Stuff”:

Kryscina Gedrevič (Hrodna) – 1st prize
Dyjana Maliaǔka (Minsk) – 2nd prize
Dzianis Trusievič (Hrodna) – 3rd prize

In the nomination “School Life”:

Marharyta Jarockaja (Minsk) – 2nd prize
Palina Kulijeva (Bahušeǔsk) – 3rd prize

12.10 — 10.11
“Dom Kino” Gallery
Talbukhina Str,18
10:00 – 22:00, daily
Free entrance

“Dom Kino” Gallery, 17:30