“Heritage 2016”, 06.10 — 20.10

Sergey Kochergin is a legendary figure in the Belarusian photography and one of the most talented people of his time. He is one of the authors of the book “1200 Cameras from the USSR”. Apart from painting, drawing and carving objects from bone, he also enjoyed making monocles. Sergey’s photographs can be found in the collections of the Niépce Museum of Photography in France.

Sergey was also a brilliant teacher. Together with his like-minded students he created his own club “Spadchyna”. It has been a year since he passed away. We decided to fulfill Sergey’s long-cherished dream and make an exhibition of black-and-white analogue photography.
Unfortunately, he did not have enough time and energy to teach all his students analogue photography. The legendary photographer’s mission would be passed to Vladimir Sutyagin – Sergei’s colleague, a famous master who works with analogue photography.

The exhibition is planned to be shown in the traditional format and to be dedicated to the memory of the talented and wonderful person — Sergey Nikolayevich Kochergin. Not only his students but also other photographers who work with black-and-white analogue photography take part in it.

Photo by Dmitri Lagun
Curators: Vladimir Sutyagin, Irina Dainakova
Participants: Vlad Pechterev, Nick Pershai, Dmitry Lagun, Yauheni Harauski, Darya Danilchenko, Natallia Putsiata, Irina Dainakova.

06.10 — 20.10
Art-space “Maisternya”

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