“The Specific Emotional”: Between the Monument and the Ritual, 23.09 — 16.10

Group show: Concrete Dates Collective (Kyiv), Olia Sosnovskaya (Minsk), Aliaxey Talstou (Minsk), Anton Sarokin
Curator: Aleksei Borisionok

The exhibition will cover the topic of the holiday, ritual and ceremonialism in a post-Soviet city, where the Soviet legacy and the restoration of a conservative ideology are closely intertwined. Designing of history through the “specific dates” of holidays, a collective body, “the specific emotional” of Soviet and post-Soviet cities are some of the key topics of the exhibition. “Specific emotional” is a term used in Soviet and post-Soviet literature to describe the affective space of the holiday. A mass celebration, a civil ritual and a collective body must be arranged in such a way so that to trigger specific emotions and to educate the Communist sensuality in the Soviet era or patriotism in post-Soviet societies. The holidays can be described with the term social choreography, a specific, temporal and spatial configuration of bodies and objects with their rhythm and movement (G. Klein).

If monuments record alienated memory that is “handed down”, the rituals and ceremonies are sent through the bodies of their participants, embodying the memory directly in the body. The tension between the objectified body of the monument and the affective experience of the ritual will be reflected within the artworks and the film program.

In the framework of the exhibitions the artists will present their works directly in the Kryly Chalopa space and will put on performances in the urban environment, in order to reflect on the relationship between historical document / evidence (with a special attention to the medium of photography) and the affect directly experienced in the performance. At the same time, the issue of interest is the relationship between the document and performance – the weak ability to convey the sensual through different kinds of mediation, or different deformations and distortions, which makes it possible to fix (holiday) experience.

The Program

23.09 / 19:00 / Friday
The opening of the exhibition “The Specific Emotional”​: between the monument and the ritual”

23.09 / 20:00 / Friday
The Performance by Olia Sosnovskaya

24.09 / 17:30 – 19:00 / Saturday
Artist Talk
Participants: the members of Concrete Dates Collective (Kyiv), Olia Sosnovskaya (Minsk), Alexey Talstou (Minsk)
Moderated by Aleksei Borisionok (Minsk / Stockholm)

26.09 / 19:00 / Monday
The Screening of Marta Popivoda’s film «Yugoslavia. How the ideology moved our collective body» (2013)
Presented by Aleksei Borisionok

3.10 / 19:00 / Monday
The screening of Laura Mulvey and Mark Lewis film «Disgraced Monuments» (1992)

10.10 / 19:00 / Monday
The Screening of Kristina Norman’s film «Festive spaces» (2016)

Concrete Dates Collective (Kyiv)

The collective is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Concrete Dates Collective appeared at the beginning of 2015 as a performative research group working with a variety of commemorative practices. Highlighting archival materials and historical marginalia, the CDC is committed to a deeper understanding of their role in the larger ideological narratives and a real life experience. Recent exhibition: “The Degree of Dependence. Collective Practices of Young Ukrainian Artists 2000–2016” in the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Wrocław.

Olia Sosnovskaya (Minsk)

Olia Sosnovskaya is a researcher and artist. Lives and works in Minsk, Belarus. Recent work are connected with the topics of gender, female body and the concept of “romantic love”, postcoloniality and politics of identity, mass gymnastics, ideology and concept of Soviet heritage in modern Belarus. Latest performances: “Why the Centre of Europe is Really Hard to Pinpoint?” (2016) in the framework of the International Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival in the Museum of Human and Earth, Sofia, Bulgaria, and “We Want to Smash Them All But All We Do Is Disco?” (2016) in the DK bar (Minsk, Belarus) and in the club Under Bron (Stockholm, Sweden)

Aliaxey Talstou (Minsk)

Aliaxey Talstou is an artist and writer from Minsk. He actively participates in group exhibitions in Belarus and abroad. Lately he has worked with the official visual culture and the connection of aesthetics and ideology in contemporary Belarus. Recent solo exhibitions: “Self-control” (2013), “It Is So Beautiful!” (2016) in the “Ў” Gallery. Latest performance in the public space of Minsk: “For Luck!” (2016).

Anton Sarokin

Anton Sarokin lives and works in Minsk. He is an artist and musician. His works has been exhibited in Minsk (CECH, Gallery «Ў», The Museum of Maxim Bahdanovich, Zair Azgur Museum), Berlin (The Czech Centre) and Stuttgart (Akademie Schloss Solitude). Main field of his artistic inquiry is political dimension of sound.

Aleksei Borisionok

Aliaksiej Barysionak is an independent curator and researcher living in Minsk and Stockholm. He graduated from the master’s program in Visual and Cultural Studies at the European Humanities University in Vilnius, Lithuania. Curated exhibitions in “Ў” gallery, the Literary Museum of Maxim Bahdanovič (Minsk, Belarus), the summer school for artistic research (Vilnius, Lithuania), participated in the Kyiv School (Kyiv, Ukraine). He is the co-founder of the KALEKTAR, an independent platform for the study of the Belarusian contemporary art.

23.09 — 16.10
Kryly Chalopa Space, Brest
Haltyrina Street, 2/1
Thursday – Friday 17:00 – 19:00,
Saturday – Sunday 15:00 – 19:00
Entry Fee: 2 BYN

Kryly Chalopa Space, Brest, 19:00