Photo projection on the Town Hall from the french photogapher Clément Briend, 07.09/08.09

On 7 and 8 September at 21.00 in the urban space on the facades of the Town Hall Belarusian audience will see a unique photo-projection from the French photographer Clément Briend. The event will be held within the Month of Photography in Minsk and will be a part of projects organized to commemorate the 950th anniversary of the foundation of the Belarusian capital.

Clément Briend lives and works in Paris, also he teaches the culture and practice of photography at the University of Valenciennes (France).

Clément Briend was educated at the prestigious School of Louis Lumière. He pays his attention to the study of penetration of light in the night space. He works with video projections in a completely new perspective, which involves a different interpretation and a different vision of the images in space. With the help of innovative devices which he perfected on his own and which are able to make projection of larger sizes Clément Briend reveals the mysterious side of the places that become his art objects.

Clément Briend creates hybrid spaces that once captured by photographer’s lens, make an optical illusion between reality and projection, space and surface. Photography no longer represents a flat image of objects, but becomes a reflection of our view of these objects and thereby gives these objects a special meaning. Mysterious and poetic nature of the objects awakens the imagination of the viewer, which in turn is projected onto the pictures.

This is the second time when Clément Briend participates in the Month of Photography in Minsk.

The project is organized by the Embassy of France in the Republic of Belarus with the support of Minsk city Executive Committee.

The Town Hall, 21.00 – 22:00