Indie. “House Call”, 06.09 — 06.10

Participants: Orit Bertini Shavit, Aya Nitzan, Ilan Carmi, Davi Barell, Hila Vugman, Tal
Nisim, Youval Hai, Miriam Naeh, Omri Shapira, Keren Zaltz, Ronit Porat, Tamar Nissim

“Space is doubt: I must mark it, indicate it continually; it is never mine, never given to
me. I must conquer it”.

George Perec, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces

Indie is a cooperative gallery of twelve artists who operate both as a group and as partners. When invited to react to the term ‘safe haven’ as a part of the artist/curator project, we decided on a communal activity which would bind us as a group but would also focus in the individuals in it and allow them to act freely. We organized a raffle, in which each member of the group randomly received a key to another one’s home. The idea was to ‘invade’ the other person’s safe space and act within it. Each member spent time in the other’s space and reacted independently, with or without the presence of the resident, as they chose. Despite our long-term acquaintance and our intense cooperation at the gallery, the process has raised questions concerning incursion, concealment, exposure and privacy, the way each of us approaches the start of the creative process, and the meaning of ‘safe haven’ for us as a group and as individuals.

06.09 — 06.10
“Canteen XYZ” Gallery

14:00 – 22:00, daily


“Canteen XYZ” Gallery, 19:00