“The World Around Us”, 28.09 — 30.10

The Republican contest of children’s photography “The World Around Us” is held for the second time and enjoys great popularity among children and adolescents. The final exhibition according to its results will be a part of the festival “Month of Photography in Minsk” and it will give the opportunity to show works to a wide audience, among whom there will be representatives of the professional photographic community. For some children it can become an important step to the professional photography.

We invite schoolchildren and students to participate in the national photography contest “The World Around Us – 2017”. Prizes will be awarded in the following nominations:

1. “The beauty of the native land”. We accept photos that display the beauty, diversity and uniqueness of nature, flora and fauna.
2. “School life”. We accept photos depicting scenes from school and camp life, funny moments, sport activity.
3. “My town (village)”. We accept photos that are taken with the image of the town (village) where a participant lives. In picture there can also be monuments, cityscapes, landmarks or a favorite place in the town.
4. “Faces around”. Photos may show adults and children, their emotions, mood and behavior, unusual situation. Organizers pay attention to the fact that SELFIE will not be accepted for the contest.
5. “Creative”. In this category the organizers are expecting photos with the most unexpected stories – the things that we do not pay attention to in everyday life.

More information about the contest can be found in the group “Vkontakte”.

Organizers and partners of the contest are: the photo club “Svetosila” from Pastavy, “Nastaunickaja newspaper”, the international Fund for support of wildlife “Krasny Bor”, the Republican center of ecology and regional studies, the Educational center “Institute of photography and visual communications”.

Finalists of previous competitions can also contact the contest organizers and send previews of the announced photos. The images selected by the jury will be shown in the format of a separate exhibition in the national center of ecology and local history.

Photo contest “The World Around Us” runs from March 1, 2017 till August 15, 2017 in three stages:
Stage 1: March 1–30, photos in digital form are submitted (by e-mail mir.konkurs@gmail.com and in the group “Vkontakte”).
Stage 2: June 1 – July 20, the work of the jury and the selection of finalists who will take part in the final exhibition.
Stage 3: from August 1–15, acceptance of works for printing for the final exhibition.

The winners will be announced in September 2017 during the final exhibition in Minsk.