“Liberty Year”, 06.09-09.09

“Liberty Year” September, 6-9, 2018

In ancient times people called the 50th year (Jubilee) which occurred after seven sets of seven yearly intervals the “liberty” year. It was a time of freedom granted to slaves, when landowners received back their land and had rest of the arable work, debts were forgiven and people read the Torah.

We considered the jubilee as a special time for free reflection on the important issues, a landmark in the life of the country, community and people.

All the projects shown as a part of the exhibition “Liberty Year” are based on the photographic archives – found, family, personal, real and fictional.

What role does the archive play in understanding the most important, core things a person has lived through? How do the authors from such countries as Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Hungary and the USA work with their archives ? What similarities and differences can we find in their approaches?

The exhibition presents an occasion for reflection and search for answers to these questions.

The photobooks and multimedia from the collection of the Russian Independent Selfpublished collective take part in the exhibition.

The authors whose photobooks and multimedia are presented at the exhibition:

Arthur Bondar

Ruth van Beek

Julia Borissova

Ekaterina Gordeeva

Stanley Greene

Asya Zhetvina

Erik Kessels

Pavel Kosenko

Gábor Kudász

Alla Mirovskaya

Evgeniy Molodtsov

Natalia Reznik

Elena Kholkina


The exhibition curator – Alla Mirovskaya.

The project partner – Russian Independent Selfpublished

06.09 — 06.10
“Ў” Gallery

12:00 – 20:00, daily


“Ў” Gallery, 19:00