ZHANG KECHUN. “The Yellow River”, 06.09 — 06.10

For three years the Chinese photographer Zhang Kechun had been travelling along the Yellow River on a folding bicycle with his Linhof camera and a tripod. The idea of ​​a project that would capture the life in seven provinces crossed by the legendary river appeared in 2010 after Kechun read the story “Rivers in the North” by Zhang Chengzhi. The plot unfolds in the early 1980s: the protagonist, unwilling to follow the current of monotonous life, decides to become a geologist. To prepare for his exams, he sets off on a journey along the five rivers of northern China, among which, of course, there is also the Huang He, or the Yellow River. The hero’s fervor inspired Kechun, at that moment stuck at the crossroads between the abandoned career of an interior designer and that of a commercial photographer, to start a personal long-term project – “The Yellow River”.

The photograph shown at “The Month of Photography in Minsk” captures the participants of the traditional annual swim across the Yellow River in Henan Province – a landmark event for the Chinese people, symbolizing the power of spirit and body. Zhang Kechun says he took the picture not at once: during his first visit to the sports festival he did not manage to get through the 10-thousand crowd of spectators and find a good angle and a place for shooting.

Zhang Kechun is the holder of the National Geographic Picks Global Prize, the nominee of Three Shadow Photo Award, the Sony World Photography Awards and the Prix HSBC Pour la Photographie. The project about his journey along the Yellow River (also published as a photobook) brought him the worldwide fame, the Discovery Award 2014 at the French festival Les Rencontres d’Arles and the € 25,000 prize, also making him a finalist of the Magnum Photography Awards 2017.

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