Аlexander Gronsky. Reconstruction (10.09 — 02.10)

Аlexander Gronsky

Alexander Gronsky series “Reconstruction” refers to historical battle panoramas exposed in war museums. A brief summary of this work says, “Public war reconstructions in Russia and Ukraine.” However, the photographer actually presents not so much the documentation of war
reconstructions but a surreal picture that leaves the viewers dazed. The epic format of the triptych itself and the severity of hostilities are presented in a striking contrast with urban outskirts, panel houses and typical buildings views. The main characters of the photographs coexist with one another against any logics and common sense. The artist deliberately brings together people dressed in army uniforms and acting out war actions, ordinary onlookers, kids sledding down a hill, contemporary and Soviet architecture, the registers of life in times of war and peace.

Alexander Gronsky admits, “To a large extent this is a pseudo-narrative or narrative that is born inside the photograph and has only a relative connection with real events. You look at the images and think about the way they could relate to each other. The viewers themselves connect the parts of the triptych, they are free to interpret them the way they want. For me, the documentary accuracy of the photograph does not matter, the image has the right to mislead the viewer.”

Looking at his series, the viewer experiences a sense of unreality of what is happening. The principle of reconstruction declared in the title turns into a method of deconstructing of the historical narrative in which gaps and inconsistencies are discovered.


Alexander Gronsky was born in Tallinn. He has won numerous awards, including the prize for 3 rd place in “World Press Photo”, “Aperture Portfolio Prize” and “Foam Paul Huf Award”. His works have been shown in the USA, France, Japan, Great Britain, Holland, etc.

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