Мichael Christopher. Brown Yo Soy Fidel (10.09 — 02.10)

Мichael Christopher Brown
Yo Soy Fidel

Michael Christopher Brown’s project “Yo Soy Fidel” is a photographic documentation of the Cubans waiting alongside the highway for Fidel’s military convoy carrying his cremated remains made out of a rear passenger window of Castro’s vehicle. He died on November 25, 2016, and Cuba hosted a farewell procession passing across the whole country – from Havana to Santiago. This procession symbolically resonates with the famous post-revolutionary “Caravan of the Victory” of 1959 – when the young Fidel Castro toured from Santiago to Havana, establishing his reputation of the national hero and the revolutionary, which further contributed to the country’s unification and his position’s strengthening.

Hundreds of thousands went out to give their last farewell to the Cuban leader with their line
stretching across the whole country. Moving either behind or before the convoy, Michael
Christopher Brown took portraits of those people creating a kind of kaleidoscope of the faces of the state, the country at a crossroads in a situation that required its redefinition. According to the photographer, his main goal was to go beyond the usual stereotypes and show, first of all, different people, “These are people who love Fidel, here are people who are indifferent, and here are those who are just tired of waiting.”

It is interesting to mention that Michael Christopher Brown’s shooting point was actually that of the convoy’s perspective. The photographer shows us Cuba through Fidel’s eyes – the way the Cuban leader could have seen it himself. This approach allows us to trace the social choreography of expectation, shock and hope. “As if these people were waiting not only for the procession, but for the recognition of their own presence – as if it was not about Fidel, but, first of all, about themselves.” the photographer commented.
The Cubans who came to see the procession were in a state of uncertainty. Cuba, which for half a century had been considered a symbol of the struggle against imperialism and capitalism, was facing a choice – to stay true to Fidel’s revolutionary path or to accept globalization with all its consequences.

Michael Christopher Brown is an American photographer, a member of “Magnum Photos”. In 2012- 2017, he was working on his projects in Africa, America and Cuba. “Libyan Sugar” project presents the documentation of the Libyan revolution filmed on the iPhone. In 2017, it won the Paris Photo First PhotoBook Award. Michael Christopher Brown collaborates with “National Geographic” and
“The New York Times Magazine”.



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