Маy 68 FRANCE-SOIR archive photographs 1968 (10.09 — 02.10)

Маy 68
FRANCE-SOIR archive photographs

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Evénements de mai-juin 1968. Manifestations après l”évacuation de la Sorbonne par la police. Policiers au 99 boulevard Saint-Germain. Paris (VIe arr.), 16 juin 1968. Photographie de Michel Pansu. Fonds France-Soir. Bibliothèque historique de la Ville de Paris.

The events of 1968 changed the world: they set a new language, outlined topical political strategies, formed a new alignment of forces, gave the voice to the youth determining their leading role in the contemporary world and articulated a feminist agenda. The events of 1968 are among some of the starting points of our modernity. The epicenter of the new cultural and intellectual order was France and the events of May 1968.

In the photographs taken by FRANCE-SOIR photographers Paris May events are documented – from the famous “night of the barricades” to public lectures. In 1968, Parisian students seized the University of Nanterre, and then the Sorbonne. They turned the occupied sites into the places where unofficial culture, intellectual and political thought were formed. They opened the door to free intellectuals – it was there where Jean-Paul Sartre’s lectures were held and as well as discussions attended by future famous directors of the “new wave”, intellectuals and artists. It was there where a new way of life and thinking was created. Recalling May 1968, Gilles Deleuze described it as an event that “determined a new way of life, produced a new subjectivity (a new attitude to the body, time, sexuality, environment, culture and work)”.

In addition to the reportage of May events, the exhibition presents visual materials and slogans created in those days. The slogans of May 68 among which the most famous ones are
“It is forbidden to forbid!”, “Be realistic, demand the impossible!”, “Beneath the paving stones – the beach!”, “Proletarians of all the countries – have fun!” give the key to understating of our current structures of thinking and social political imagination.

FRANCE-SOIR is a daily newspaper established in France in 1944. In May-June 1968, FRANCE-SOIR photographers went out to the streets of Paris to document the events. FRANCE-SOIR photographs are of interest because the newspaper had a large coverage: its circulation was more than 1 000 000 copies, so it greatly contributed to the public opinion formation. These images reflect the views of photographers who faced multifaceted unprecedented and sometimes also spectacular events.



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