Maxim Yasinsky. “Compromises” (10.09 — 02.10)

Maxim Yasinsky
“Compromises” (diptych)

The work of the artist Maxim Yasinsky “Compromises”, which opens the exhibition of “The Month of Photography in Minsk”, deals with the issue of toponymy. It is common knowledge that naming and renaming of streets, squares, metro stations and other urban objects are not so much about aesthetics, but symbolism and politics. Maxim Yasinsky addresses the story behind the name of one of the central metro stations in Minsk. In 1984, the station “Lenin’s Square” was opened, which in 1992 was renamed to “Independence Square”. However, in 2003, 11 years later, the authorities raised the issue of returning the place its Soviet name again. In the early 2000s, the station was renamed into “Lenin’s Square”. Moreover, the
Minsk metro claims that officially the name “Independence Square” never existed. In 2018, the townspeople filed a petition asking to return the name adopted in the 1990s. The petition was rejected.

This dramatic and intricate story is complicated by the fact that the metro station “Lenin’s Square” was initially leading to the square of the same name, which in 1991 was renamed into
“Independence Square”. The combination of the name of the square and the metro station underlies Maxim Yasinsky’s work. The artist believes this relationship reveals “gaps and gluing, seams, hybrids of incongruous ideologies, which you can accept only unrefleсtively.”

Combining both the versions into one name, the artist shows that those turn out to be a battlefield of politics and ideology. He also draws attention to the fact that the historical narrative in Belarus consists of gaps and drops, and looks like an indigestible hybrid.
Maxim Yasinsky’s work opens the exhibition proposing the viewers to pass through a narrow
corridor. Following Minsk topography and leaving the metro station, they find themselves at the central square of the city.

Maxim Yasinsky is a young Belarusian artist. Since 2010 he has been working on his series of works “Unknown Art”. In 2016 he made an intervention “Closed Screening” as part of Ruslan Vashkevich’s personal exhibition “Culture Channel”. In 2017, he participated in the exhibition “Names”. The artist addresses the issues of power and language.



10.09 — 02.10
“Ў” Gallery
12:00 – 21:00, daily

“Ў” Gallery, 19:00