Sergei Brushko. Rock concert (10.09 — 02.10)

Sergei Brushko
“Rock concert”


Mass rock concerts with huge dance floors appeared in Belarus during the Perestroika. Such concerts were not only a symbol of rock music getting out of the underground, but were, first of all, forming a new bodily experience – free expression and movement of bodies, relaxation.
Sergei Brushko’s photographs capture a rock concert held on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus organized in the Yanka Kupala Park in Minsk on July 3, 1997.

In contrast to mass parades and sport events, where the idea of ​​a single organism is formed and where the individual is perceived as a part with a clearly defined role and program of action, rock concerts were among some of the first experiences of bodily existence free of any norms. Free bodily manifestation and mass gathering choreographically reproduce the form of political protests. This assigned rock concerts political agenda, building strong associations between rock musicians and freedom fighters.

However, gradually in the late 1990s – the early 2000s, the interest in rock culture decreased, and the music itself became a part of show business.


Sergei Brushko (1958-2000) was a Belarusian photojournalist, a master of documentary
photography. Since 1987, he was working on the topic of the Chernobyl tragedy, collaborating with the Belarusian-Swiss project “Searching for Belarus. The 20 th Year after Chernobyl.” His exhibitions were held in Germany, Switzerland, Belarus and Ireland.
As a documentary historian, Sergei Brushko left behind a unique photo archive, which captured the turn of the two epochs (the end of the 1980-1990s).

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