Siarhei Hudzilin. New Olympia / Backstage / 1944 – 2019 (10.09 — 02.10)

Siarhei Hudzilin
New Olympia / Backstage / 1944 – 2019

Siarhei Hudzilin’s installation “New Olympia/Backstage/1944-2019 is a part of the larger project
“New Olympia” where the artist researches the choreography and representation of ideology in such
phenomenon as parades.
Here we suggest approaching the term “ideology” the way Louis Althusser defined it, namely as “the
imaginary relationship of individuals to their real conditions of existence.” Based on this definition,
Siarhei Hudzilin literally shows viewers the seams of structures parades are made of. In “New
Olympia/Backstage/1944-2019”, he transforms the traditional figure-ground relationship moving the
“façade” understanding of parades to the background. Thus, the very process of parades
organization comes to the fore – the documentation (both visual and audio) of parade rehearsals the
artist did in 2013-2015. The camera captures paving slabs, wooden pallets mixed with pathetic
music, mass processions, teams of directors – all these elements, in the form of documentation, are
now brought to the gallery space.
Viewers see a large video installation of parade rehearsal documentation and a small video of
parades held in different periods of time. Bringing the things initially considered to be of minor
importance to the fore, Siarhei performs a deconstruction procedure. Not only does he reveals
parades composition and the way mass events pathos is created, but also shows how parades shape
our idea of ​​the real conditions of power functioning and how, in what historical conditions and
architectural spaces it represents itself.
At the center of the installation there is a recreated construction made of flags which prototypes are
used to decorate Minsk urban space for important events and memorable dates. All the flags are
white, but those stand only for contours. They just hint at some dominants of familiar symbols
anyone can fill in with any content.


Siarhei Hudzilin is a Belarusian photojournalist and documentary photography. He is a holder of
“Belarus Press Photo Gran Prix-2011”. In 2014 the American magazine “Photo District News”
mentioned him on the list of 30 emerging photographers from around the world. Siarhei started his
career as a newspaper photographer in “Nasha Niva”, since then he has photographed for “The New
York Times”, “National Geographic Magazine”, “Gazeta Wyborcza”, “Meduza”, “” and other
foreign media. His solo exhibition “#kandensat” held in 2016 at “CECH” art-space received a number
of awards from “The MFM Bureau” as the best exhibition project.
Since 2018, Siarhei Hudzilin has been positioning himself as a free digital agent in the Belarusian
media space. The artist’s sphere of interests includes digital art and actionism, commercial and
educational digital-projects, Internet documentary, video installations and mapping.

10.09 — 02.10
“Ў” Gallery
12:00 – 21:00, daily

“Ў” Gallery, 19:00