Julia Cimafiejeva. A Stroll in Grey. A Verse (25.09-23.10.2019)

The photo exhibition “A Stroll in Grey. A Verse” by Julia Ciamfiejeva opens on September, 25 in Maksim Bahdanovič Literary Museum. Minsk with its poetic potential is the main topic of works by Belarusian poet and translator. Urban life scenery, human figures, lines and rhythms of roads, trees and wires turn into poetry lines a stroll long.

“I take a step behind the door into the greyness of the dusk.
I write the first word and I start moving.
The verse goes forward with every line. The verse is unaware where it goes
and whether somewhere it comes.
The movement is the rhythm, the breath, the step.
The city takes me for a stroll. I go along the sidewalks, and the streets urge
me onwards.
My feet compose the lines that fully stop on traffic lights and then go on
when I step on the black and white crossroads.
I walk and I inscribe myself into the city, I walk and I inscribe the lot I see
into myself. I regard the windows of the tower blocks sharp-edged, the branches of
the trees made thin by winter, the shapes of people in the evening’s greyness. I am
too in grey, unnoticed by them, I watch through the eye of my camera, through the
eye of my language, I make my way through the city.
The stroll is mine. As well as the verse.
No one can walk my way and catch a sight of what I catch.
No one can put the words into my order.
But you can read it, you can see.
The way you want.”

Julia Cimafiejeva – a Belarusian poet, translator and photographer. She is an author of two poetry collections; her works are translated into some European languages. She participated in literary festivals in Belarus and abroad. Her first photo exhibition “Blue: the life color of villages” was at Potsdam University (Germany), her second one “Miensk through the eyes of spaceship drone pilot” took place at Belarusian House in Warsaw (Poland). Photos by Julia Cimafiejeva were published in Belarusian and foreign magazines.

Maksim Bahdanovič Literary Museum
Minsk, Maksim Bahdanovič st, 7a

Opening, 18.30.
Maksim Bahdanovič Literary Museum