Rita Novikova – «АQUA» (29.09-27.11)

“AQUA” is a series of self-portraits made in 2018–2019. Water, as a central symbol of life, is visually present through its absence, that is it exists in different forms and associations, images and metaphors. I am trying to discern this “life” in decisions humanity has chosen as optimal for dealing with its species-related goals. Adapting to the world where the needs, habits and comfort of some representatives of wildlife are placed above nature, I am questioning this approach. I am reexamining and trying this way of thinking. With rare exceptions, it is given to us by default. In the old days people’s survival depended on our ability to adapt to conditions at any cost; but today, given the availability of resources and information, whether to apply this approach or not is everyone’s choice and responsibility.

My image is a means of communication with the viewer, my personal “language of the red swimsuit”. It might draw the spectator’s attention, distract, disguise, or tell stories, at the same time probably shifting the accent from the painful towards the ironic, becoming a sort of manipulation. The only thing I am sure of is that my project is the invitation to direct the questions to oneself – whatever answer the viewer comes up with, the decision about any responsibility can be born only in freedom.