Alina Frieske. “Imagined Recordings” and “Cabinet of Curiosities” (29.09-27.11)

“Imagined Recordings” (2017)

The project examines the role of photography in creating collective memory. Photographs of taxidermy objects were uploaded to Google Image Search and the fragments of the obtained images were then used to recreate the original. Combined as one whole, they create an illusion of the single picture one can still discern when giving it a closer look. Due to the repetition and a high number of the elements, low-resolution blurry or pixelated parts dissolve a recognizable form.

The work questions the moment when new meanings are formed by the pixel and addresses the state of knowledge of algorithms in use as well as our attitude to the source of the image.

“Cabinet of Curiosities” (2018)

The project is inspired by the “Wunderkammer” used to display and categorize unknown objects and artefacts from the natural world. The objects depicted are presented in a similar frame. Their surface is partly smoothed, at times structured and reveals an assemblage of feathers, stones and plants.
The collection, extracted from libraries on Natural History and taxonomic objects, shows rare minerals and bird breeds. In the combination of photographs and 3D sculptures their surface metamorphoses into an abstract figure.

«Cabinet of Curiosities» by Alina Frieske, ECAL MA Photography, 2018