About festival

In September 2016 Belarus welcomes «MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK» – the event that for the third year running has been drawing attention to photography as a topic, a tool and an agenda of dialogues, discussions and experience exchange with visual theorists and practicing photographers from Belarus and abroad.

 In the course of two years photographers, art-critics and curators from 9 countries took part in «MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK» events. 11 venues in Minsk and Grodno hosted cultural and educational events in which guests from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, France and Great Britain participated. The total audience of the festival numbered more than 500 000 spectators.

 The dynamic growth of the festival’s geography and interest on behalf of the Belarusian public and foreign guests to «MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK» brought the festival’s team to review the format and to introduce the 2016’s events as thematic. The theme of «MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK 2016» is presented as the opposition between the center and periphery: for the main program of the festival 5 exhibitions have been selected which are going to be shown to the public in «CECH» Hangar since September, 9 2016.

 However, the central objectives of «MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK» remain unchanged. We strive to reintroduce into the Belarusian context the names of the classics of Belarusian photography, to make the public acquainted with the current projects made by the photographers from neighboring countries and starting artists from Belarus.

 5 exhibitions of the main program of «MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK» introduce the visitors with visual messages on the issue of the interaction between «the center» and «periphery»: from their literal, geographical, interpretation to the approaches that will make us face the most unexpected questions. Thus, the main program of the festival includes the exhibitions «Sochi Project» by the remarkable Dutch photographer Rob Hornstra, «Stand BY» by the Polish photocollective «SPUTNIK», «Fables of Change» by the group of contemporary Australian photographers (Hoda Afshar, Оwen Leong, Simon Harsent and Ray Cook) and the retrospective personal exhibition of the Belarusian photographer Valery Lobko. During the festival-2016 the public will also be shown the debut of the Belarusian photocollective «LĒD» – a many-faceted exposition “Acquired reflex” put together by local visual artists Maxim Dosko, Anna Levankova, Alexey Naumchik, Alexandra Soldatova, Maksim Sarychau and Alexander Mikhalkovich who have already succeeded in attracting the amateurs of conceptual and art-photography by their previously made single projects.

 The parallel program of «MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK» is held at 5 more Minsk and Brest venues inviting the public to attend the exhibitions from Poland («Triple Portrait»), France (the project made by joint efforts of Clement Briend and Belarusian artists organized by the French Embassy in Belarus and supported by «EISENBERG Paris» perfumery and cosmetics brand), Germany («Leap in Time») and Belarus (Yuri Vasiliev’s retrospective exhibition and the project «Explicitly-Emotional»: Between Monument and Ritual» curated by Alexey Borisjonok).

Clement Briend’s project is organized by the Embassy of France in the Republic of Belarus and supported by EISENBERG Paris, a fragrance and make-up brand based on progressive technologies and unique design that aims at creating beauty and luxury.

 The foreign guests of «MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK 2016» who are going to attend the festival’s events in person and hold workshops, lectures and presentations are Rob Hornstra, Clement Briend, Agnieszka Rayss, Andreas Rost, Irina Chmyreva and Тоmas Kauneckas.

 An important historical page of the festival is going to be the launching of the series of photoalbums «The Library of «MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK» dedicated to the classics of the Belarusian photography and young authors who still have no personal publications. The album «Photography of Tomorrow» will open the «Library» of 2016 featuring the works of one of the central figures of the Belarusian photography of 1980-2000 – Valery Lobko.

 The informational support is provided by Tut.by,  Radio «Unistar» and City.Dog.by.

 «MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK 2016» is held with the support of EISENBERG Paris and DEPPA brands and Goethe-Institut in Minsk.

EISENBERG Paris is a unique beauty and luxury brand based on progressive technologies and thorough design.

DEPPA – we have been creating accessories for your devices for 10 years.