MPM award

This year for the second time the team of THE MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK announces the results of the MPM Bureau Award established in 2016 as an annual event which would allow to keep records of the significant events in the field of Belarusian photography. Together with experts and opinion leaders, we form a shortlist and announce the winners in four categories reflecting various formats of production, analysis and interpretation of photography in Belarus. We hope that the award would enable us to monitor the dynamics of the development of photography in Belarus here and now, as well the MPM BUREAU ARCHIVE does it in terms of recording the history of Belarusian photography.

Continuing the tradition of the MPM BUREAU ARCHIVE, at the beginning of 2018 we invited curators, analysts, photographers, lecturers, galleries and art centers employees not indifferent to this medium to recall publications, exhibitions, significant names of the past year and suggest 1-3 positions in each of the following nominations:

– “The publication of the year (book, article, essay)”;

– “Exhibition / photoproject of the year”;

– “Photographer / author’s project of the year”;

– “Photocutor (curator group) of the year.”

To sum up the results of 2017, we have invited 58 experts in the field of photography to share their opinions and consequently received answers from 26 of them. The team of THE MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK offers you to get acquainted with the shortlist and congratulate the winners.


The publication of the year

1. Lev Dashkevich’s catalogue, published as a part of the series THE LIBRARY OF THE MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK dedicated to the Belarusian photography classics (in cooperation with the National History Museum of the Republic of Belarus)


2. Olga Bubich’s publications (a journalist, photography critic at «Belaruski Zhurnal»/,, Bird in Flight, OnAir, the author of the column «Tomorrow’s Photography»)


3. Аlexander Veledzimovich, «Аleksiada» (photobook created during the artist’s residence at the National Center for Culture in Poland «Gaude Polonia»)


3. Ljubov Gavriljuk’s publications (a journalist, photography critic at “Mastatstva” magazine)


Photographer of the year

1. Мasha Sviatogor


2. Maxim Sarychau



3. Аliaksandr Vasjukovich



Exhibition / photoproject of the year


1. Аrt-project «Imena» (Names), curated by Antonina Stebur and Anna Karpenko («Cоrpus» cultural center)



2. VEHA project exhibition «The Best Side» curated by Anna Bundeleva («The Month of Photography in Minsk», «Сanteen XYZ» )

3. Maxim Sarychau’s personal exhibition «Blind Spot curated by Aliaxey Talstou («CZECH»)



Photocutor (curator group) of the year

1. Antonina Stebur and Anna Karpenko. Art-project «NAMES»

2. LĒD Collective. A series of presentation-meetings «Tea with LĒD»


3. Lena Prents. Andrey Liankevich’s exhibition «Goodbye, Motherland!»



In addition to the above mentioned nominations in which experts and opinion leaders make their choice, this year the team of the MPM BUREAU is introducing the fifth one: “For contribution to the development of Belarusian photography.” In this nomination we are going to regularly celebrate the creative and professional long-term achievements of Belarusian photographers working in a variety of genres, and thereby express our gratitude to them for their work and commitment to the development of the medium in our country. In the framework of the MPM BUREAU AWARD-2017 the winner in this nomination is Victor Butra.

photo Sergey Michalenko

Victor Alexandrovich Butra is the author who takes a special place in the Belarussian photography. The uniqueness of his works manifests itself in the reporting accuracy of events presentation, and his shooting style is remarkable for its subtle detachment from the surrounding things and empathy to the people captured in his photographs. Viktor Aleksandrovich’s works are closely related to the theme of life and death, however he does not speculate on this topic, but presents it in the documentary vein, referring to its existential component.

His most recognizable work is the “The Tragic Outcome” made in 1972 (originally named as “The Unfavorable Outcome”).

Among his other photographs – “The Dentist’s Inspiration”, “Peers”, “For Christmas”, “Sorrowful Still Life”, “Thaw”, “Connoisseur”.

Some of Butra’s series – “Trouble”, “Palm Sunday in Glubokoe”

He has taken part in numerous international and republican competitions and exhibitions (Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria, Canada, Romania, Turkey). The first personal exhibition was held in 2004.

Victor Alexandrovich Butra lives and works in Minsk. He is a member of the photo club “Minsk” and the Belarusian Photographers’ Public Union.