Anna Levankova. “How I Die”, 02.10 — 31.10

Hanna Lievankova. Maxim, 33 years old. How I will die. 2012

Anna Levankova. Maxim, 33 years old. How I will die. 2012

The theme of death is always ambiguous. Someone speaks about it willingly, while others believe it to be too intimate and frightening. There are lots of fears associated with death, like fear of being forgotten and unnecessary, fear of pain or fear of the unknown. But death, just like birth, is something that will inevitably happen to anyone, regardless of our desires and fears.

In the project “How I die” I asked my participants to imagine a situation where they have a choice of where, when and how to leave. Speaking about their last minutes, people turned to the most important things in life, exposing their true values ​​and desires.

Every person’s story is made up of five parts. Apart from a classic portrait photo and a photo of the symbol of death, each story contains a participant’s drawing that reflects his/her ideas of “How I would die”, and a photo that stages this situation. The story finishes with the explanatory text based on the interview with this person.

I express my gratitude to all those who in spite of everything took part in my project and could overcome some of their fears.

Anna Levankova

02.10 — 31.10
“CECH” Art Space, Hangar
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12:00 – 22:00, daily
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