Alexander Vasukovich. “One out of every three women”, 02.10 — 31.10

Alexander Vasukovich, from the series “One out of every three women”

One out of every three women in the Belarus experience physical violence by an intimate partner every year. 77% is a percentage of Belarusian women who will be victims of different forms of violence by an intimate partner in their lifetimes.

Photographer Alexander Vasukovich spent a year studying the problem of domestic violence in Belarus. The exhibited portraits of thirteen clients of the public association “Radislava” are among the results of his work; this organization was established twelve years ago by women who had suffered from regular domestic violence to help other women in similar situation. The characters of the series have gone through all the cycles of domestic violence. They faced social stigmatization and inadequate measures taken by the state to combat domestic violence. The heroines of the series struggled and won a victory, and they are full of energy to reveal their stories and even their faces and thus to show an example for those Belarusian women, who suffer from domestic violence. Alexander describes the working process as follows: “The task was rather unusual, I had to make portraits so that women would be hardly to recognize. Another condition was also to make unrecognizable the interiors of the Refuge, where women could hide from their aggressor and get professional aid. It was all done for safety purposes.”


Nasta Zakharevich

When Nasta was ten years old, her mother’s live-in boyfriend started to periodically lay her on the couch, pull all her clothes and touch (twice a week or three times a day): “And about once a month … yes, at least, he tried to put my hand in his groin, but I always pulled it away.” This went on for three years. Nasta says that every time he interrupted her from a favorite hobby saying “It’s time to relax.” When it was over, he sometimes said: “Do not tell mom, we should not hurt her. You do not want mom to worry, do you?” Nasta really did not want to offend her mother, so she kept silent. Today the girl is twenty-one, and she constantly struggles with the emotional and psychological consequences of what had happened.

02.10 — 31.10
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