Andrejs Strokins. “People in the Dunes”, 02.10 — 31.10

Car repair advertisement. Voleri, 2013

In “People in the Dunes” Latvian photographer Andrejs Strokins explores the boundaries between the urban environment and wild nature in the vicinity of Bolderāja and Daugavgrīva districts in the periphery of Riga, a few kilometers away from the Gulf of Riga.

“After World War II, the fishermen’s villages in the dunes were replaced by blockhouses and some parts of Daugavgrīva became a military territory with limited access. This is also an area where the sand for silicate brick production has been excavated. It would not be a tremendous exaggeration if one said that the city of Riga has been built from these bricks. Now 24 years have passed since the collapse of Soviet Union, but the mainly Russian-speaking population of the area is still haunted by the shadows of the Soviet past,” tells the author.

The exhibition consisting of photographs and installations can also be seen as a study of Latvian identity, revealing dichotomy between the recent past and the present identity still struggling to reassert itself.

Andrejs Strokins was born in Latvia in 1984. He has graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia with a BA degree in graphic printmaking. For his photographic work he has received numerous awards, including Top 50 LensCulture Emerging Talents 2014, La Quatrième Image, and Kaunas Photo Star 2013. He also has had solo shows in Kaunas and Riga.

The exhibition is presented by Riga Photomonth, an international photography festival held in Latvia biannually since 2014. Supported by FK Magazine, the Embassy of Latvia in Belarus and the State Culture Capital Foundation.

02.10 — 31.10
“CECH” Art Space, Hangar
Kastryčnickaja Str, 16
12:00 – 22:00, daily
Single ticket for all the exhibitions at “CECH” Art Space ― 50 000. School children, students and retirees ― 25 000. Free entrance for children under 10 years old.

“CECH” Art Space, Hangar, 19:00