Valery Lobko. “Photography of Tomorrow”, 09.09 — 07.10

Valery Lobko’s exhibition continues to make the public acquainted with the activities and creative works of the Belarusian authors who played an important role in enhancing the status of the Belarusian photography as an art form and its institutionalization in Belarus.

Valery Lobko is an ideological inspirer of the “Minsk School of Photography” – the consolidated activities of the Belarusian authors in the West during the perestroika times and the first years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Valery also inspired and taught several generations of the Belarusian photographers, he was a master of portrait and street photography.

In his creative preferences Lobko remained true to the Photography that happens within a specific moment of the photographer’s contact with the environment. “Luck comes when this contact happens, together with ‘entering’ the scene with the camera, when the harmony with the rhythm of the event happens, then the rational control leaves and completely other forces come into action. Do you remember as it is in Arbus’ diaries “I don’t press the shutter… The image does,” he used to say.

Valery always stressed, “Photography is just a tool. It takes an author – a person with a clear mind and a sensitive heart”. Therefore, one can conclude that the formation of the favourable creative environment and transferring of the photocraft were the matters of Valery Lobko’s central concern. Both the exhibition and the album share the same name and come to be an homage to Valery Lobko on behalf of his students of different generations.

At the exhibition as a photographer Lobko is presented as a master of ‘double specialization’: a portrait of the state and as a master of street photography. The main part of the exhibition is presented by the author’s ‘visiting cards’ such as his series “Paliessie”, “Belarusian Climate”, “Next Stop – Soviet” as well as unknown works dating back to his different years. As an inspirer and a teacher, Lobko had a unique skill of consolidating people around him – of creating a space for free creative expression. By means of a number of interactive activities the exhibition aims at becoming a meeting point of a scattered network of Valery Lobko’s students.

09.09 — 07.10
“CECH” Art Space, Hangar

Kastryčnickaja Str, 16
12:00 – 22:00, daily
Single ticket for all the exhibitions at “CECH” Art Space ― 5 BYN. School children, students and retirees ― 2,5 BYN. Free entrance for journalists, children under 10 years old.

“CECH” Art Space, Hangar, 19:00