Projecting photography. Workshop by Clement Briend, 01.09 — 07.09

Projecting photography” is a workshop which aims at making photographers familiar with the ways of projection manipulation in creation and demonstration of projects. Projection is thought as an inverted photography, a return of the image into the space. This workshop is a technical, conceptual and artistical exploration of photoprojection which would also enable the participants to work with 35mm mobile slide projectors.

Participants are invited to experiment with projecting images in public space and to re-photograph them. We suggest to consider the projector as a magnifying-glass used outside the laboratory, which allows to substitute photographic surface with a real object. Projection offers a possibilty to put together in a kind of a montage reality and photography. These actions are going to be documented and photographed for further construction of an exhibition in the CECH space.

16 projectors Visioner : 35mm, slide and mobile projectors + tripods.
Autonomy: 2h30

Night 1 — 9th of September : Collective show, 7.30 pm — 00 pm, Main street
Projection of pictures on the topic, which will be created over 5 — 7 days workshop in Minsk together with the local and Brasil artists.

Night 2: 10th of september Finger print projection, 7.30 pm — 00 pm, Main street
Projection of fingerprint by contact on slide. It consists in a open workshop where everybody can project it fringer print by contact on a inked glass.

Final show: Exhibition of works of students, Gallery
Prints photographies of projections made during the workshop by students.

Max 16 pers

01.09 — 07.09
“CECH” Art-space

Kastryčnickaja Str, 16