Jury Vasiljeǔ. “To Serve Photography”, 02.10 — 31.10

“Centuries”, Karelia, 1973

“Centuries”, Karelia, 1973

For the first time Jury Vasiljeǔ’s exhibition will present him not only as a photographer but also as a person who participated in creating of institutions and forming of the environment of amateur photography in Belarus.

Jury was behind the “Minsk” Photo-club which formed the status of a large conglomerate of amateur creative photography. In 1979, headed by Vasiljeǔ (in 1978 Jury became its chairperson) the Photo-club was awarded the titles of “People’s Amateur Collective” for fruitful and creative activity in the field of art photography.

Amateur photography, which began to develop actively in the post-war years in the Soviet Union, became an area for experimentation. Jury Vasiljeǔ wanted to strengthen the amateur experience and expand the understanding of the current photographic scope. Together with Jaǔhien Kaziulia and assisted by the “Minsk” Photo-club he was working on the series of the interclub exhibitions of photographics in Minsk – the festival of “Photographics”. The festival became the first major and the most famous photo-biennale of art photography in the USSR. In the period from 1971 to 1981 six “Photographics” festivals were held. In 2011 the festival “Photographics. 40 Years Later” was organized. The exhibitions were built “on the reportage basis and dynamic moments” which were then assembled into a single picture – a large archive of hand prints was created. Due to the team’s activities during this festival and exhibitions held in Minsk, the works of various photoartists from all over the Soviet Union and abroad could be shown. The festival had a considerable impact on many photographers, the whole generation of authors sprouted out of the “Photographics”, among whom are Valiery Labko, Valiery Fiedarenka, Siarhiej Kažamiakin, Andrej Ščukin and others. It also shaped the ideas about different forms of creative amateur photography and created a certain environment where it was possible to learn, meet other people and work. Thus, “Photographics” due to their conceptual framework and high-quality processes of the organization became a special phenomenon in the photographic environment of the Soviet Union.

Also in the course of a few years Jury Vasiljeǔ conducted a TV program on photography, some of these programs were devoted to “Photographic-71”, which had an impact on the well-known Belarusian photographer Valiery Labko.

In 1992, Jury Vasiljeǔ was awarded the title of “The Honored Culture Worker of the Republic of Belarus” for his activities in the field of photography. Also he was recognized for his high-quality work in the field of artistic photography.

“The word whose meaning most accurately reflects my attitude to photography is serving. Most of all I have always wanted to introduce the culture of photography into the life of the modern society. One can dedicate the whole life to photography, it is great like music, poetry or theater. Photography is not the camera, not the lens or the film, not fast hands and sharp eyes. Although one should have all of them. But only as tools. Photography is time, culture, aesthetics, feelings and thoughts of the artist.” (Jury Vasiljeǔ)

02.10 — 31.10
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