“Photographers from the USSR”. Exhibition from the collection of Yuri Vasilyev, 07.09 — 06.10

This collection has been gathered for almost half a century, since 1970, spontaneously. It became bigger at the expense of exchanges between authors and generous gifts by talented colleagues. And I have never thought of publicly exposing it. However, the time passed and I became the owner of quite a large collection, which, in my opinion, reflects the state and standard of the so-called “art photography” of the 1970s-80s of the North-Western region of the USSR, including the Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine and partly Russia. The collection is like a living organism continues to grow and currently includes more than 90 works. Many of them presented photography of the Soviet Union at exhibitions, including international ones, were published in periodicals, almanacs and catalogues.

With excitement and with a ‘sense of accomplishment’ I represent a small part of my savings to young colleagues participating in the Month of Photography in Minsk / 2017.

Yuri Vasiliev

Lev ASSANOV (Russia)
Uladzimir BAZAN (Belarus)
Gunars Binde (Latvia)
Oleg BURBOVSKY (Ukraine)
Viktar BUTRA (Belarus)
Vitaly BUTYRIN (Lithuania)
Aliaskandr HLINSKI (Belarus)
Rimantas, DICHAVICIUS (Lithuania)
Natallia DORAŠ (Belarus)
Anatol DUDKIN (Belarus)
Mikhail ŽYLINSKI (Belarus)
Audrius ZAVADSKIS (Lithuania)
Igor KOSTIN (Ukraine)
Pavel KRIVTSOV (Russia)
Lyalya KUZNETSOVA (Russia)
Valery LABKO (Belarus)
Uladzimir NIAKHAJČYK (Belarus)
Nikolay RUDAKOV (Russia)
Tacciana RUDZIČ (Belarus)
Egons SPURIS (Latvia)
Antanas SUTKUS (Lithuania)
Svetlana TIMOFEEVA (Russia)
Peeter TOOMING (Estonia)
Valery FEDARENKA (Belarus)
Vladimir FILONOV (Ukraine)

07.09 — 06.10
“Knižnaja Šafa”

Dziaržynski ave., 9
10:00 – 20:00 Monday – Friday
11:00 – 18:00 Saturday
Free entrance

“Knižnaja Šafa”, 19:00