Albert Tsekhanovich. “Тhere”, 12.09 — 21.10

“Тhere” includes a few photo series made by Albert Tsekhanovich during his numerous trips to places related to Yanka Kupala’s life and work. The works presented at the show are author’s silver prints on barite photographic paper, made by hand in the classical black and white printing technique.

This is a part of the project “A Journey with Kupala” prepared in cooperation with the State Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala (Minsk, Belarus) aimed not only at depicting the scenery of various places, but rather at creating visual images that would be somehow tuned up with the mood of Kupala’s poems and a certain period in the poet’s life.

Since Kupala’s times, almost no buildings or objects directly related to his life and work have been preserved. But something that used to inspire him remained: picturesque natural landscapes, forests, streams, rivers, mossy swamps and bright lakes. And in the dark depths of the mysterious forest, as tales and legends tell, a fern flower is still hidden. It blooms only on the night of Ivan Kupala. Whoever who finds it will acquire extraordinary powers. But to find a magical flower is not easy – the forest does not give it away, it frightens the wanderer, makes him wander around and chase his dream until dawn…

In a sense, art and one’s creative way are similar to these searches in the dark. It is necessary to experience a lot of hardships, to overcome challenges, also in oneself, to get something revealed.

How do poems arise? What happens when they start to sound in one’s soul? Is it an answer to the questions, a result of searches, personal efforts, or rather an encounter, a gift, which occurs when for a moment the vision changes, and everything in your eyes starts looking differently, while the time seems to disappear? Where is the space where this becomes possible?

Albert Tsekhanovich was born in Minsk, he lives and works here. He has had 16 personal exhibitions and has taken part in several dozen group shows in Belarus, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Switzerland, France, England, Iran and China, etc.
Albert Tsekhanovich works in black and white printing technique (silver prints on barite photographic paper) and also uses specific author’s methods of images chemical processing.
The photographer’s works make part of the collections of the State Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala, the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus, the National Center of Contemporary Arts (Minsk, Belarus), the Museum of the History of Photography (St. Petersburg, Russia), the State Russian Museum and Exhibition Center ROSPHOTO (St. Petersburg, Russia) and the Russian Museum of Photography (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia).

12.09 — 21.10
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