The exhibition of Victor Hilitski “The Last Visit” 30.09. – 11.10

 Victor Hilitski

Victor Hilitski

It is a very beautiful sentimental story as if retold in the first person singular, where the protagonist, an elderly man in the afternoon of his life, lets the invisible observer enter his life, in an open and sincere way building up his daily routine in the form of a specific ritual: cooking meals, heating the steam bath, cultivating the kitchen garden, reading newspapers and listening to the radio. The photographer chooses here the tactics of non-intervention, with rare exceptions that of a casual observer.

The result is a narrative, a short story which has accumulated the whole dramatic concept of the 84-year-old man’s life. For his family it is a part of the family archive, documenting the fact of life characterized by unique features/signs, which do not allow the deceased person’s face to dissolve and get lost.  This “personal archive document”, which captured the image of a close person “in memory” ceases being private, it becomes “food for the senses” too (Susan Sontag). This visual narrative echoes our own family archives/stories. The meaning of unremarkable everyday routine shared with someone else is evoked and reinterpreted. In addition, here the features of this most everyday life acquire a different nature, triggering the ability of photography to possess “a kind of surrealist sensibility which is very important i.e., the casual ordinary thing is able to reveal its beauties when photographed” (Susan Sontag).

In this well-built narrative, dramaturgically checked video sequence, photography becomes a visual language/speaking media, through which we are not only able to see and read the proposed narrative, but also to feel the “magic” of the moment, sincerity and honesty of the story, photography becomes “emanation/radiation of past reality” (Roland Barthes “Camera Lucida”).

Victor Hilitski was born in 1985 in Minsk, Belarus. At the moment he lives and works in Minsk.

Project Curator: Volha Rybčynskaja

The opening of exhibition
30.09, 17.00
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