Exhibition «ACCOMMODATION» 28.10. – 8.11

1 Tymon Nogalski. Z cyklu Zdecydowany moment 90 x 60 cm wydruk w technice Lambda 2013 2014 (1)

Tymon Nogalski

The exhibition of students’ and PhD students’ works of Narrative Photography Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Curator: Prot Jarnuszkiewicz, PhD, Associate Professor

In general terms accommodation stands for the ability to adapt a certain state (or oneself) to the environment.
I understand accommodation in photography as the artistic result of the creator’s reaction to finding him/herself in a new space regardless of the fact whether this result appears due to the discovery of new locations or due to the attempt to re-describe familiar situations where only forms of expression connected with the author’s perception occur to be new. The attempt to indicate and retell emotions becomes significant. Combined with reflection and careful observation, it makes it possible for the creator to establish relations with the topic selected.

Finding oneself for the first time in a particular location facilitates space ‘decoding’ as well as the search for its identity and essence. Moving within a new space, the creator has to make use of his/her own mastered ways of understanding values, rhythm or light. She/he measures and deals with the world, checking its impact on him/herself and emotions that arise. Having transmitted those to the image, the creator wants to share them with the audience. The camera becomes a tool for documenting this process (accommodation) with the photography created during this process as its evidence.

It is especially important since being a mimetic medium that transmits elements directly from reality, re-systematizing them within the given frame, photography with every shot becomes a new version of the space to which the creator has accommodated or to be more precise who accommodated it to his/her own vision of the world. It is in this very way that every time, despite the fact that we draw from the limited resource of publicly available, similar elements, we are able to create individually interpreted images of reality. This is where the extraordinary nature of photography lies within. Its essence is connected with assimilating and incorporating of the external world, separately tested for every single image, into the existing and already formed ways of thinking about the environment, composition and the meaning of the forms. While creating a situation where we are confronted with new circumstances, we turn to our own experience and emotions. In doing so, we accommodate the created vision of the world to the schemes of the established system of the understanding of reality.

Our eyes also constantly have to go through it, adapting to the conditions prevailing in the given environment. Through the light they get in touch with the space, just like the creator in the process of taking photographs has to feel the space and environment thus transmitting his/her emotions to the image. In such a way there is a combination of state of mind, meditating, experience and technique of creating an image which the artist shares with the audience.

Prot Jarnuszkiewicz, PhD, Associate Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts

The opening of exhibition 28.10, 17.00
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