Marina Drozza-Sobowska. “It’s All My Fault” and “Love. Just You and Me”, 29.09 — 17.10

“Love. Just You and Me”

“Love. Just You and Me”

Marina Drozza-Sobowska (born in 1981) is a Belarusian painter, photographer and the author of video installations. She graduated from Poznan Academy of Arts, Department of Multimedia Communication. She has been taking part in group and solo exhibitions since 2009, among them there are “Formy zamieszkiwania” (Aula Gallery, Poznan, 2011), “To coś” (FF Gallery, Lodz, 2013), “Generation Y” (OFF Festival, Bratislava, 2013). She lives and works in Poznan (Poland).

In “Month of Photography in Minsk” Marina Drozza-Sobowska presents two projects “It’s All My Fault” and “Love. Just You and Me”. Using her own photographs, “video quotes” and drawings, Marina Drozza-Sobowska tells intimate stories in two registers: the real and the imaginary. She puts both versions together thus making the real and the imaginary interact with each other. The outcome can be seen both as a ‘mystification’ and as fragments of a psychoanalytic search.

In the projects parody and confession get harshly confronted. The expectations of melodrama fans, so obviously triggered by the titles of the projects, are justified oddly enough, but farce and irony get ‘interwoven’ with a deep existential and psychoanalytic research. The topics of “guilt” and “love” here are put in a very close proximity. Moreover, the author establishes the zone of “indistinguishability” between these concepts, as if they have reached the point where the absolute contiguity and sliding begin.

Tania Kandracienka

29.09 — 17.10
Museum of Modern Fine Art, Small Hall
Curator Tania Kandracienka
Niezaležnasci Avenue, 47
11:00 – 19:00 (ticket office till 18:30)
Tuesday – Saturday
Standard ticket price ― 30 000, students ― 15 000, school children ― 10 000

Museum of Modern Fine Art, Small Hall, 17:00