International Art Project “Concrete Delusion” Edition 1, 2015–2016 by Manuel Schroeder, 29.09 — 15.10

The art project “Concrete Delusion” faces the issue of what can be done with concrete preserved in the form of industrial and architectural fragments and rests in European and post-soviet countries. Based on artists’ statements and public space research outcomes new projects are developed aimed at concrete elements transformation and incorporation into the human perception as “sculptures in the public space”. Valid and transformational options of the concrete fragments use and interpretation are made visible through artistic interventions and new consciousness is created for sustainable aesthetics.

Solo exhibition “Manuel Schroeder, Berlin/Germany”
Photographic Space Installations “Verhaltet Euch Ruhig!” (en: “Keep calm!”) and “Ostblock” (en: “Eastern Bloc”)

The architectural messages of a political and industrial progress in Europe, cemented once for the eternity of a political and industrial ‘progress’ appear in fragments, ‘sculptures’ or ‘stone gardens’ without the context and give a picture of decay and non-perspective to surroundings. The omnipresent material ‘concrete’ stamps the whole scenery parts and the parts of cities. For some years Manuel Schroeder has directed himself in his photographic projects and artistic interventions to these places in Belarus (Minsk/Viciebsk), Latvia (Riga/Daugavpils) and Germany (Berlin/Duisburg). With the feel for details and in putatively documentary photograph he approaches narratively, undogmatic and systematically its realities. His Photographic Space Installations “Verhaltet Euch Ruhig!” and “Ostblock” interpret the material concrete as a transformer of visual messages.

Group exhibition “Landmarks and Leftovers”
“Participants of Manuel Schroeder’s Masterclasses 2015–2016”

As the author of “Concrete Delusion” and curator of the art society “Raumordnung NPO” Manuel Schroeder holds the artistic executive management of the project and the curricula of Masterclass modules within the scope of the international cooperation. The group exhibition “Landmarks and Leftovers” presents the results of the participating artists in Schroeder’s masterclasses 2015–2016.

Participants of the Masterclasses by Manuel Schroeder:

Alena Pratasevich
Alena Donbrova
Anastasia Bebchik
Elena Rabkina
Inessa Dronina
Maryna Batsiukova
Natallia Kliavets
Olga Moroz
Olga Kirillova
Volha Rednikina
Paul Osipoff
Tatsiana Svirepa
Pavel Kandroussevitch
Katsiaryna Ivantsova
Ekaterina Artimenya

29.09 — 15.10
National Center for Contemporary Art

Niakrasava Street, 3
11:00 – 18:00
Monday – Friday
Standard ticket price ― 3 BYN, school children, full-time students and creative unions members ― 2 BYN, retirees ― 1,5 BYN. Free entrance for children under 5 years old.

National Center for Contemporary Art, 18:00