“The Triple Portrait”, 13.10 — 09.11

The exhibition is the result of the international project the “Triple Portrait” which took place in July 2015. A group of artists from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine wandered for 10 days in Podlasie region, stopping at some places for interviews and photos. Dozens of unique images were made in wet collodion technique which is 150 years old. The created photographs are not something we are used to today — faithful, almost perfect reflection of reality. They become a tool of artistic process, which colleting the ‘reality’ give the magic to the photographed images in return and Onirism.

The “Triple Portrait” is not only an artistic escapade. It is primarily an opportunity to look at Podlasie region and local inhabitants. The inclusion of artists from different countries into the process multiplies the perspective, allowing the discussion about the local phenomenon and reflecting one place in three different national and cultural dimensions. Individual intentions of the participants of the project overlap with all this: the search for truth about the family torn from the Kresy 70 years ago; the question of cultural identity and nationality; the need to experience the authenticity and truth, which is sometimes difficult in the “big world”.

The “Triple Portrait” was carried out by the Centre named after Ludwik Zamenhof in Bialystok (a municipal cultural institution) as a part of the Festival of East Culture — Another Dimension 2015.

The exhibition presents the works of the following artists:

Michal Zielinski / Poland
Natalka Dovha / Ukraine
Yury Matsiyun / Belarus
Aleksander Raczynski / Poland
Dominik Wojciechowski / Poland
Paula Wojnik / Poland
Mirosław Miniszewski / Poland

13.10 — 09.11
National Center of Contemporary Arts

Niakrasava Street, 3
11:00 – 18:00
Monday – Friday
Standard ticket price ― 3 BYN, school children, full-time students and creative unions members ― 2 BYN, retirees ― 1,5 BYN. Free entrance for children under 5 years old.

National Center of Contemporary Arts, 18:00