“Dedicated to Belarus…” Leŭ Daškievič’s Photography, to the 135th anniversary of the birth of the photographer Leŭ Daškievič and the poet Janka Kupala, 10.10 — 29.10

The exhibition introduces the works of the outstanding Belarusian photographer of the first third of the 20th c. Leŭ Daškievič whose name has become a real discovery in the history of the Belarusian art photography.
The exhibition presents the original photographic works of Leŭ Daškievič which he did in different manners and techniques from 1900 to 1952, as well as new materials that have been found recently.
One part of the exhibition is dedicated to the friendship and collaboration of two outstanding personalities of the time, the photographer Leŭ Daškievič’s and the poet Janka Kupala.

Leŭ Urbanovič Daškievič (1882–1957) is the Belarusian photographer, writer, teacher, scientist, inventor. He was born on 12 February 1882, in Minsk in the noble family. Leŭ Daškievič graduated from the University in Dijon (Roman Department of the Philology Faculty) and the École nationale supérieure des arts et industries textiles in Paris (Photography Department).The photographer was engaged in teaching in a number of educational institutions of Yerevan (Armenia), Ganja (Azerbaijan), Tiflis (Georgia) and then Minsk. Leŭ Daškievič was the first who prepared and lectured the course on photography in Belarus (at Minsk Institute of People’s Education). In addition to his professional interest to photography Leŭ Daškievič did researches in the field of radiography and studied the effect of biological ultraviolet radiation on trophic and regeneration of tissues, which helped him eventually to develop a unique technique for accelerated wound healing.

Curator: Nadzieja Saŭčanka

10.10 — 29.10
National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

K. Marx str., 12
11.00 – 19.00 (ticket office till 18:30 pm), daily