Katrina Kepule. “Sit Silently”, 15.09 — 14.10

The series by Latvian photographer Katrina Kepule captures the places where “modern Europe” meets elements of Soviet times, which conflict and overlap at the same time. The pictures capture photographer’s search for a slower time zone that contains more vivid and open expressions, as well as a sense of home and creativity of daily routines beyond the usual urban experience. The series’ title is an abbreviation of a piece from “Google Poetics” and consists of phrases that are popularly searched for on the internet and are associated with sitting – “Sit silently /sit silently doing nothing / we sit silently and watch the world / we sit silently and watch.”

Katrīna Ķepule (1981) has graduated from Latvian Academy of Culture where she studied film history and theory. At present, she is studying phtotography in the EFTI master’s program in Madrid. In 2014, she entered the final of the LensCulture Emerging Talent awards with her series Sit Silently. The series were also shown in this year’s Riga Photomonth festival and published in the annual Latvian Photography 2016.

This exhibition is presented by Riga Photomonth in cooperaton with the Embassy of Latvia in Belarus and FK Magazine

15.09 — 15. 10
Piatrus Broǔka Literary Museum

Marx Str, 30
10:00 – 17:30 (ticket office till 17:00, Saturday – till 15:00)
Monday – Saturday
Standard ticket price ― 1,5 р., students and school children ― 0,75 р.

Piatrus Broǔka Literary Museum, 18:00