Andrei Liankevich / managing director
Anastasiya Ranko / project coordinator
Hanna Samarskaya / project coordinator
«Predmet» / PR support
Architectural Studio «Zrobym» / design of exposition
Maksim Sarychau / web-site technical support
Olga Bychkova / website editor
Irina Kondratenko / catalogue editor
Olga Bubich / translator and copywriter
Vera Fedotava / copywriter
Nastassia Macias / translator
Nina Tetri / translator
Maria Znachenok / manager of music and visual programms
Svetlana Azonchik / visual identity creator and catalogue designer
Ihar Yukhnevich / graphic designer

The Month of Photography in Minsk would have been impossible without our sponsors’ and partners’ support and the efforts invested by our team. Neither would it have been organized without our volunteers’ work. So, for their help in making the festival true we would like to thank:

Olesya Viktoriya
Anastasiya Danilovich
Olesya Gotovchits
Anna Grin
Nataliya Kirilenko
Anna Leonova
Svetlana Stankevich

Our special thanks to Vera Kovalevskaya and Olga Sosnovskaya who also took part in the organization of the project.