“Belarusian Climate. 2015”, 20.10 — 29.11

Belarusian Climate. Series “Ropes”. 2015.

Artists of the group declare the disappointment in the contemporary art which shows “wording elegance and total absence of content at the same time”. The best world exhibition halls, museums and galleries promote this art, raising its status and ratings. Anyway, according to the artists, the right place of such an art is in the trash or in the toilet.

The next project the art group will implement in the toilets. In this case, hooligan tricks typical of “The Belarusian Climate” (BC) turn into an artistic act. Combining PR-strategy and artistic tactics, BC declares: it is not the place that identifies the status of the object as a work of art, but the object itself and its “creative potentiality”. Artists show the devaluation of the possibility of making art in an alternative way, opened by Duchamp and his followers neodadaists. Today the world art market has almost completely expropriated this alternative: the stamp and the quoting of the citation turned into the integral and demanded formal method of the artist. Declarations and manifestos, appeals and statements are transformed into advertising slogans, mediocre artifacts – to a fetish. The question of interpretation of the concept “work of art” is actualized again. Today the work is a product of successful marketing policy, a sacralized name or “the concentration of mental energy” [1], where the cover or objective essence is not primary. And still what turns everyday objects into an object of art?

[1] Harold Rosenberg (1906–1978) – an American art critic, writer and philosopher

20.10 — 29.11
“Ў” Gallery of Contemporary Art, “Zerno” Coffee House
Curator: Olga Rybchinskaya
“Ў” Gallery of Contemporary Art
Niezaležnasci Avenue, 37a
12:00 – 22:00, daily
“Zerno” Coffee House
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09:00 – 23:00, daily
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