Martin Parr and Rimaldas Vikšraitis. “The Real World”, 24.09 — 18.10

  • Martin Parr, Italy. Pisa. The Leaning Tower of Pisa. From “Small World”. 1990

Together, a Lithuanian photographer Rimaldas Vikšraitis and a British photographer Martin Parr present the photographic project the Real World.

The first collision of these two photographers took place in 2009, in the European photography festival “Rencontres d’Arles”. Here, R. Vikšraitis nominated by a famous British photographer Martin Parr won “Discovery of the Year” award. M. Parr started his international career as a photographer exhibiting in Arles at 1986. Some more specific links between two photographers can be recognized. Both authors are open to the world around them and are ready to show our tragicomical sides of life. Only one of them discovers them in the globalized world, the other – in a small provincial town.

Both in M. Parr’s and R. Vikšraitis’s photographs one can see shocking extremes of the grotesque, the manifestation of strange forms which they choose, symbols and unusual perspectives. All of these elements respond to the basic power of artists and a message which they sent to encode to the viewers – a reflection of real life.

To transfer this item the photographer M. Parr uses his artillery: criticism, humor and temptations. Consequently, the British artist’s pictures are original, playful and easily readable. However, despite the simple expression, the author penetrates into the deeper layers of existence by showing how we actually live, how we present ourselves to the society and what we appreciate the most. Leisure, consumption and communication are the concepts that this British photographer has been researching for several decades now on his worldwide travels. In the process, he examines national characteristics and international phenomena to find out how valid they are as symbols that will help future generations to understand our cultural peculiarities.

Meanwhile, R. Vikšraitis in his photo documenting a close relationship with the fixed reality, and allegedly shooting an objective look at the people that is not soften up, that is why his works can not be equated either to the tradition of the Lithuanian photography or to the prevailing trends of contemporary photography.

Joint Project of Kaunas Photography Gallery and “Ў” Gallery.

24.09 — 18.10
«Ў» Gallery of Contemporary Art

Niezaležnasci Avenue, 37a
12:00 – 22:00, daily
Entry Fee: 15 000

«Ў» Gallery of Contemporary Art, 19:00

Rimaldas Vikšraitis‘ Artist’s Talk
«Ў» Gallery of Contemporary Art, 18:00